Geni – Elizabeth Hunnicutt (Warren) (c.1655-1698)

Elizabeth Hunnicutt is your 6th cousin 10 times removed.

You   → Gerald Lee Abernathy your father → Lee Abernathy his father → Benjamin Franklin Abernethy his father → William Pinkney (Willie P.) Abernethy his father → Benjamin Logan (Logan Benjamin) Abernethy his father → Turner T. Abernethy his father → Robert Abernathy his father → David Abernathy, Sr. his father → Mary Howell Abernathy his mother → Samuel Harwell, 1680 her father → Anne Harwell his mother → Captain Henry Batte her father → Martha Katherine Mallory his mother → Rev. Thomas Mallory, Dean of Chester her father → Sir William Mallory, Sheriff of Yorkshire, MP his father → Joanna Mallory his mother → John Norton, of Conyers her brother → John Norton, of Conyers his son → Anne Crayford his daughter → Anne Warren her daughter → Hon. William Warren her son → Capt. Thomas Warren, Sr. his son → Elizabeth Hunnicutt his daughter

Source: Geni – Elizabeth Hunnicutt (Warren) (c.1655-1698)


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