Geni – Frederick Wise (Weiss) (1733-1752)

Frederick Wise is your 6th great uncle’s brother’s wife’s sister’s husband’s great aunt’s 1st husband.

You [CAA] →
Gerald Lee Abernathy your father→
Lee Abernathy his father→
Benjamin Franklin Abernethy his father→
William Pinkney (Willie P.) Abernethy his father→
Benjamin Logan (Logan Benjamin) Abernethy his father→
Turner T. Abernethy his father→
Robert Abernathy his father→
Nancy Catherine Forney his sister→
Capt. Peter Forney, US Congress(man) her husband→
Jacob Forney, I I his brother→
Mary Forney his wife→
Catherine Shuford her sister→
John Jacob Shuford her husband→
Jacob Shuford his father→
Eve Catherine Shuford his mother→
Maria Magdalena “Mary” Margaret Ramsour her sister→
Frederick Wise her husband

Source: Geni – Frederick Wise (Weiss) (1733-1752)


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