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Geni – Hans Adam Will (Wull) (c.1685-1757)

Hans Adam WullHans Adam Wull is your first cousin 6 times removed’s wife’s first cousin once removed’s wife’s great grandfather. You   → Gerald Lee Abernathy your father → Lee Abernathy his father → Luota Grant (Leota Mary Anne) Ferguson his mother → Robert Nathan Ferguson her father → Robert Marion Ferguson his father → …

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January 2 – Family snapshots

A few photographs of my family. My paternal grandparents, my father, my brother (Byron) and myself. My paternal grandparents are/were Ivey Lee Abernathy and Virgie Anne Honeycutt (Abernathy). They spent most of their married life in Asheville (Woodfin community), Buncombe County, North Carolina. Lee was a salesman, Virgie was a housewife and custodian at a …

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Family Tree Progress

Okay, let’s do a quick wrap-up here… The PARK family has descendency ties to Robert E. Lee; his ancestor who was George Washington’s wife (maiden name CUSTIS); PARK/PARKE/PARKS descendants are connected to the Burchfields — the Burchfields via the Park line (somewhere) are kin to the Gustafsson/Justice family originally from Sweden; and how did I …

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