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Geni – Hans Adam Will (Wull) (c.1685-1757)

Hans Adam WullHans Adam Wull is your first cousin 6 times removed’s wife’s first cousin once removed’s wife’s great grandfather. You   → Gerald Lee Abernathy your father → Lee Abernathy his father → Luota Grant (Leota Mary Anne) Ferguson his mother → Robert Nathan Ferguson her father → Robert Marion Ferguson his father → …

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Another Set of Family Branches from Toe River Valley, NC

Heard from someone asking about this family group (Silvers-Harris) this evening; and followed-up to find out more. AND, Yes! The Silver(s)-Harris folks are (BOTH) cousins of my by blood. One has two HONEYCUTT ancestral ines, the other has a SILVERS ancestral line. Want to know more? Click through with this link to find details for …

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